Mediation in organizations is useful if the parties having the conflict are willing to connect with each other in the presence of a mediator with the aim of establishing mutual understanding.

Our approach to mediation is *NVC-based. In NVC-based mediation we work by uncovering the underlying needs in the conflict. These are universal human needs which range from basic existence needs such as food, shelter and safety, to more complex needs such as respect, love, autonomy, meaning, contribution, and understanding. As these types of needs are not tied to a particular strategy or solution, the mediator can then  enable the parties to be creative about a strategy/solution that works for them all.

Our typical mediation approach consists of three stages:

  • Pre-mediation sessions: the mediator meets with each party separately to prepare for the actual mediation sessions (1 to 2 sessions)
  • Mediation sessions: the mediator meets with the parties together (typically 2 to 5 sessions)
  • Post-mediation sessions: the mediator meets with the parties separately to provide personal follow-up coaching (1 session)

*NVC-based mediation has been developed by John Kinyon as an approach to facilitating communication and resolving conflict. It is centered in an internationally acclaimed model of communication called Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

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